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Industrial & Safety Catalogue

Click below to see our online sections or download your own version of the Bishops Industrial & Safety Catalogue.

Bishops Industrial & Safety Catalogue
Bishops Industrial & Safety Catalogue

A must have for all purchasing staff, workshop managers and project coordinators. Reflecting just part of the comprehensive range of products that Bishops offer, this is the industry leading catalogue assisting anyone involved in purchasing and product research.

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Covering all your clothing & footwear needs including coveralls, pants, shirts, jackets, safety vests, jeans, office wear, shorts, polo shirts, aprons, wet weather gear, hats, flame retardant clothing, knee pads, gum boots, work boots and much much more.

Covering all your safety needs including gloves, spectacles, face-sheilds, respirators, gas monitors, hearing protection, hard hats, sunscreen, re-hydration products, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, emergency wash units, spill control, lockout padlocks, signs and much more.

Covering all your material handling and lifting needs including lifting slings, hooks, chain slings, load rings, chain tensioners, dee shackles, loadbinders, ratchet straps, wire rope, chain and lever blocks, girder trolleys and clamps, hoists, lifting frames, trolleys, carts, wheelbarrows, caster wheels, cabinets, hazardous storage, tie hooks, rope, bulk bags, containers and much more.

Covering all your workshop and machinery needs including inverters, generators, air compressors, sandblasting equipment, parts washers, fans, band saws, lathes, presses, pipe and tube benders, vices, stands trowels, floats, compactors, concreting tools, builders film and much more.

Covering all your power and pneumatic tool needs including drills, angle grinders, circular saws, magnetic based drills, impact wrenches, die grinders, shears, demolition hammers, nibblers, bench grinders, nail guns, ratchet wrenches, needle scalers, sanders, accessories and much more.

Covering all your lubrication, maintenance and repair needs including oils, greases, grease guns and nipples, lubricants, anti-seize, cutting fluids, solvents, degreasers, fuel treatments, coolants, repair materials, rubber, gasket sealant and much more.

Covering all your janitorial, cleaning, hygiene, crib room and outdoor needs including hand soap, creams and dispensers, tissues and toilet paper, cleaning wipes, cloths and sponges, disinfectants and bleaches, floor cleaners, pressure cleaners, brooms, mops, bins, coolers, kitchen essentials, pest control and much more.

Covering all your general hardware needs including tapes, packaging products, markers, paint, ladders, scaffolding, pressure sprayers, tri/star pickets, tie wire, tarpulins, padlocks, hasp and staples, hinges, cable ties, extension leads, reels, electrical products, voltage testers, multimeters, batteries, lamps, alarms, battery chargers, automotive products, wheel chocks, jacks, dollies, engine crane, hoists, tyre levers, creepers, fuels cans, funnels and much more.

Covering all your hand and cutting tool needs including work benches, tool trolleys, truck and tool boxes, tool kits, sockets, torque wrenches, wrenches, pliers, clamps, nippers, snips and shears, cutters, automotive tools, pry, wrecking, crow and podger bars, scrapers, chisels, punches, screwdrivers, hex keys, riveters, files, knives, hack saws, hand saws, gardening tools, shovels, axes, mattocks, non–sparking hand tools, hammers, scaffolder’s belts and frogs, measuring tools and gauges, circular blades, hack saw blades, carbide burrs, drill bits and sets, endmills, slotdrills, reamers, step drill bits, router cutters, pins, power tool chisels, holesaws, wad punches, lathe tools, Taps, dies, threading tools, accessories and much more.

Covering all your welding and abrasive needs including helmets, clothing and accessories, blankets and screens, welding units, plasma cutters, cables, chippers, clamps, electrodes, regulators, gas torches and cylinders, soldering equipment, welding ovens, wire wheels and cup brushes, end brushes, tube brushes, hand brushes, wheel dressers, sharpening stones, mounted points, grind wheels, conditioning discs, grinding discs, cutting wheels, flap discs, sanding discs and belts and much more.

Covering all your hydraulic, valve, hose and fitting needs including hydraulic rams and accessories, assorted hose, reels, hose assemblies, blow guns, garden fittings, adaptors, pushfit hose fittings, compression fittings, combination nipples, camlocks, couplings, hose clamps and much much more.

Covering all your fastener needs including mild steel, high tensile, stainless steel fasteners, screws, washers, nuts, allthread, nail gun pins, rivets, roll pins, split pins, drive pins, chemical anchors, rivets, grab kits and much much more.

Covering all your bearing, seal and power transmission needs including ball bearings, roller bearings, spherical bearings, withdrawl and adaptor sleeves, housings, v-belts, pulleys, taperlock bushes, electric motors, gear boxes, soft starters, shim, circlip kits, woodruff keys and much more.

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