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About Us

Bishops commenced operations in Port Moresby in 1972 as Bishop Brothers Engineering Limited. The company was started by the three Bishop brothers and initially focused on automotive engineering in the Port Moresby area. As time passed and a demand for complementary products in new markets emerged, the brothers realised there was an opportunity to diversify their offerings, and grew to include a retail division as part of their company – and the rest is history.

Over the years, Bishops has grown and now operate six branches across Papua New Guinea, stocking products from leading brands around the globe. All Bishops branches have undergone extensive expansion programs to maximise efficiency for customers and to make sure we have the industrial supplies required, when they are needed.



The Bishops Difference

For more than 50 years, the team at Bishops has proudly watched PNG grow – through Independence, the PNG LNG project, and the myriad of industries that have started and flourished in this rich land.


And the biggest contribution Bishops has made to PNG’s growth has been supporting you with locally supplied stock of all the “little things” you’ve needed to get started and grow.


Walk into any Bishops branch and you’ll see just a small fraction of what we hold in stock within our warehouses “out the back”, and these warehouses reflect just another fraction of what Bishops is capable of sourcing for you, fast, through its unrivalled access to more than 100 leading brands, and international markets.


By supporting you, we’ve grown ourselves – to become the largest and most trusted brand for the supply of all the “little things”, the tens of thousands of products across a broad range of categories, that we call Industrial & Safety.


All of this has been achieved because of what makes us different from anyone else, including:


  • Investing in and maintaining more than K50 million of stock in country, ensuring you can get what you need, reliably and fast

  • Developing a dedicated sourcing team to procure on your behalf when we don’t (yet) have what you need in stock – from anywhere in the world

  • Building a market-leading catalogue and website through which to search for all the most commonly asked-for products, making it easy for you to find, research, and order

  • Sourcing and supplying you with only the highest quality products – whether that be workwear and PPE complying with Australia’s exacting safety standards, hand tools that come with a life-time manufacturer’s guarantee, or industrial-grade equipment tried and tested in PNG’s harsh working environment

  • Training our local team with technical knowledge to guide and support you when you’re not quite sure what products will meet your needs

  • Building systems that enable our team to turnaround quotes fast, expedite your orders, and get them delivered directly to you, giving you full and proactive transparency throughout our supply chain so you know what’s coming and when

  • Working with you to consolidate what you buy around quality, fit-for-purpose products, and introducing you to innovative new products as they are brought to market 

  • Fixing a competitive discount for you on all your commonly purchased products so you have the comfort of knowing you’re always buying competitively, even as supplier price inflation flows through

  • Streamlining your ordering and payment process, removing unnecessary touchpoints to make it as painless as possible for you


Most importantly, we see our relationship as a Partnership.


We are here to serve you, and we look forward to shaking hands to begin…

To find out more about what Bishops have to offer, take a look at our corporate capability statement.

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