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Our People

In 50 years of operations in Papua New Guinea, Bishops has grown from a small company with a minimal staff, to now employing over 300 staff across the country. 


The staff at Bishop's represent a valuable and important part of our community, fulfilling important roles within the company, particularly when it comes to providing excellent customer service to all our customers big or small.

Bishops prides itself on training and developing our local staff. In recent years, our employees have been developed and promoted to branch managers, warehouse managers, and purchasing supervisors, significantly reducing the number of expatriate staff required.

Every effort is made to continually identify and develop the best of the local talent available, keeping jobs in the country with the benefits flowing back into the local communities.


Bishops has many stories to share relating to staff development, where young men and women have entered the business at the ground floor and by hard work, training and mentoring, individual effort and a desire to succeed, now see these Bishops people in leading company roles. As an equal opportunity employer, every effort is made to develop all our people to not only service the Bishop's business and our customers but to promote and share their learnings with family and friends in the community.

Supporting Our Community

Our staff make our company what it is, therefore we like to support them through not only training and guidance but also through sponsorship in various local competitions around the country. 


96% of our staff are Papua New Guinean, which is why the communities surrounding our company are so important to us. Bishops have developed into what it is today through the custom and support of these communities and view their obligations to the people and cultures of PNG as highly important. At Bishop's, we try to reflect the support given to us by giving back to the community, and over several decades, we have become involved in numerous sports and cultural sponsorships.

With increased engagement in our local communities, we trust this comes back to excel in our service and commitment to you, our customer.

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