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Cutting the Counterfeit

With six industrial branches across PNG, Bishops is able to supply all government departments, manufacturing industries, logging companies, mines and primary industries throughout the nation.

As the largest industrial tools and engineering goods supplier in PNG, we take the quality of the products we provide seriously and are proud to have a zero tolerance policy towards counterfeit products. At Bishops we work with leading brands and suppliers so that you can be sure you’re getting genuine goods that you can count on, time and time again. Our team of over 300 staff are entrusted to do every little thing necessary to help you stay focused on the big picture.

At Bishops we strive to offer our customers the easiest and most reliable access to products. We care about the community and ensuring we’re doing everything possible to combat counterfeit products entering our local industries. As one of only two authorised STIHL distributors in PNG, Bishops are working with PNG customs to prevent the entry of counterfeit STIHL products into the country. Historically, we have seen many instances of Asian manufactured products entering PNG under the guise of being original STIHL equipment from Germany.


The fake power units and spare parts, are traded at well below genuine product costs. We have had many unhappy customers present machines that have been serviced and repaired using fake parts that have failed prematurely, causing the customer more expense to rectify the issues alongside potential safety issues. Genuine and original STIHL power tools and parts are never made in China or Italy and are not sold online.


Customers expecting to buy genuine STIHL products should only purchase from an authorised PNG distributor like Bishops, unless your local hardware outlet can guarantee they are selling a genuine product. This can be checked through either the distributor with the serial number off the power unit or STIHL directly.


Any counterfeit product identified, even after purchase, is liable for destruction under the customs and trademark laws of PNG.


Trust Bishops for genuine STIHL products from chainsaws to brushcutters, vacuum cleaners to blowers. Whatever you need to get the job done, you can get it at Bishops.

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