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Bishops Engineering Services

In-House Engineering, Mechanical & Inspection Services

Bishops' engineering services and machinery tools in Papua New Guinea operates a comprehensive workshop in Port Moresby which caters for the mining, petrochemical, vehicle repair, food processing, agriculture, palm oil & shipping industries throughout PNG.


Our Workshop Team consists of qualified technical experts equipped with Certified Safety Standard Operations. All of our machines are serviced and compatible to suit engineering jobs from Machining, Milling, Turning, Boring, Mig & Tig Welding, Fabrication, Engine Reconditioning, Crack & Pressure Testing and General Repairs. We also recondition Hydraulic Rams and test on our 6 metre cylinder bench.

Our Bishops engineering services and machinery tools workshop in Papua New Guinea has:
  • MAGNETIC DRILLS: Used for drilling holes in steel plate.

  • LATHE: Used for general turning, boring and thread spiral/cutting. Also used for taper turning. Up to 3 metres bed length with 16" swing.

  • GEAR HOBBING MACHINE: Used for cutting teeth for spur gears and helical gears. Maximum hole size: 6 Mod. Maximum diameter: 500mm.

  • MILLING MACHINE: Used for general machining of flat surfaces on metal cutting keyways, splines, internal and external using a slotting attachment. Also used for drilling and boring of large holes in components. Capable of cutting gears as well.

  • MILLING & DRILLING MACHINE: This machine is used mainly for drilling holes in metal components, milling keyways and other small materials with flat surfaces.

  • HORIZONTAL GEAR CUTTING/UNIVERSAL MILLING MACHINE-KNEE TYPE: Used for cutting spur, helical and worn out gears. It is also used for milling splines on the shaft.

  • ROLLER BENDER/PLATE ROLLER GILLETING: Used for cutting, rolling and bending thin sheets of plate.

  • CUT-OFF MACHINE: Used for cutting steel pipes, angle iron and other similar items.

  • PIPE THREADER R4: Used for the threading of pipes from 2 ½" to 4" pipes.

  • CONROD BORER: Mainly used for the resizing of conrods on main conrod holes and bushes.

  • SPHERE/CIRCULAR SEAT CUTTER: Used for the re-cutting of valve seats on cylinder leads, and to bore valve seats and insert holes to fit.

  • CYLINDER BORING MACHINE: Boring of engine blocks to fit liners and re-boring of engine block liners after fitting into the engine block.

  • CYLINDER HEAD REFACER: Used for re-facing of cylinder heads, sharpening of guillotine blades up to 130cm in length and the grinding of flat surfaces. Can be used for the grinding of flywheels and pressure plates as well.

  • VALVE GRINDER REFACER: Used for the re-facing of engine valves and re-conditioning of engine valve stem ends. Can be used to detect bent valves.

  • CYLINDER HEAD PRESSURE TEST BENCH: Used to Pressure Test all types of cylinder heads, manifolds and oil coolers.

  • HYDRAULIC CYLINDER BENCH: Used to assemble, dismantle and pressure test cylinders up to 6 metres long.

  • WELDING MACHINES: We have stationary and mobile welding machines. Arc, Mig and Tig are used for all facets to repair and manufacture jobs in steel, aluminum, stainless and cast iron. We also have field services available.

  • PORTABLE LINE BORING MACHINE: Used for the boring of holes in bucket pin eyes, centre joints and dipper arms and more. Field services also available.

Bishops also offers in-house inspection, testing, and calibration services, including:

  • LIFTING INSPECTION & TESTING: Reduce the need to search for multiple services – Bishops bring all this to you in one central location with our in-house sling manufacture and testing. From our warehouse in Port Moresby, our sling manufacturing and testing is at an easily accessible location and of the highest standard. We manufacture and test chain, wire rope and synthetic slings, in accordance with Australian Standards, up to 200 tonnes. We can also test your lifting and rigging equipment. We provide you with certification on all our manufacturing and testing, assuring you and meeting your workplace safety requirements.

  • HYDRAULIC HOSE MANUFACTURE: Bishops can conduct on-site inspections, provide you recommendations, and manufacture and supply hoses tailored to suit your requirements, reducing your downtime and saving you at your bottom line. With an extensive range of tools, oils and sundry products stocked at our conveniently located warehouses, Bishops have what you need to make changing out hoses and fittings quick, easy and cost-effective.

  • TORQUE WRENCH CALIBRATION: Ensure your team’s safety and engage Bishops in-house Torque Wrench Calibration Services at Port Moresby. We have the facility to test and re-calibrate all types and brands of torque wrenches and will provide you with the required certification, ensuring your equipment is up to the job every time.

  • ENERPAC HYDRAULIC & PNEUMATIC EQUIPMENT TESTING, CALIBRATION & REPAIRS: We’ve partnered with leading brand Enerpac to bring you the highest quality in servicing your hydraulic tools. With specially trained staff, Bishops have the facility to carry out inspections and troubleshooting on your hydraulic equipment. We can bring our expertise to you on-site at your location or visit us at one of our warehouses.
    Get the complete service for all types Enerpac equipment at our Port Moresby branch, where we offer strip and repair services, along with testing and calibration on completion.

Contact the team to learn more about our available services.

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