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COVID-19 Workplace Resource Centre

Bishops care about your safety. To help you navigate the important COVID-19 Government regulations, we have designed a comprehensive library of free workplace resources including healthy and hygienic routines to assist in staying physically and mentally well; checking your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs, and planning for your businesses continuance.

Our information has been sourced directly from reputable sources including the World Health OrganisationAustralian Government Department of Health and Safe Work Australia

stop the spread

Prevention is the Best Policy 

Our list of preventative measures is easy to follow, ensuring your employees stay healthy and safe, preventing the spread of COVID-19 within your workplace. Good hygiene practises and adhering to current social distancing protocols included. 

healthy hand washing

Healthy Hand Washing Technique

A helpful reminder for people on your work site to practice correct hand hygiene techniques to limit the spread of COVID-19. Other hygiene guidelines to prevent the spread are also included. 

covid-19 arsenal

COVID-19 Arsenal

The hygiene products and fit-for-purpose Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) you need to protect your team and the wider community from COVID-19. 

employee with coronavius

What to Do If An Employee has COVID-19 

A step by step guide to follow if one of your staff members is a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case.

cleaning worksurfaces

How to Clean Your Work Stations & Surfaces

Coronavirus can spread if people come into contact with organic droplets on surfaces. Find our advice on how to properly clean work stations and eliminate the coronavirus pathogen on surfaces in your workplace.  

mental health during a pandemic

Looking After Mental Health During a Pandemic

Taking care of mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic is just as important as looking after physical health. Our advice  and suggested coping techniques for employers and employees on how to manage the stress caused by the outbreak.

Infection Control in the workplace

Workplace Infection Control Measures

Minimise the risk of infection, protect employee health and maintain business stability by utilising these COVID-19 control methods. 

international standards of respirators compared

Comparison of International Disposable Respirator Standards

Compare the testing standards of disposable respirators from around the world to ensure fit-for-purpose protection is being used in your workplace. 

toolbox talk - stop the spread

Stop the Spread

Our virtual toolbox talk includes information on fit-for-purpose equipment, hygiene protocols to prevent transmission, how to sustain a healthy mental state and where to find reliable information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Care was taken when writing this guide and this information was correct at the time of publishing, however the COVID-19 situation evolves rapidly. Refer to the Department of Health’s guidelines for the latest information. Bishops recommend that you check with your local public health authority for PPE selection guidance

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