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The World's First Anti-Perspirant Glove

Keeping sweaty hands dry and hot hands cool

ATG®’s new MaxiFlex Ultimate gloves are the latest in hand protection innovation. ATG pride their gloves on comfort for the user, and found one re-occuring complaint from many end users was that their hands would get sweaty in their gloves. This is because our skin, the largest organ of our body, is used to regulate its temperature through perspiration (thermoregulation). On average, our skin contains 155 sweat glands per cm²; however, our hands have 83% more sweat glands per cm² than the rest of our body. The back of our hands contains 200cm² sweat glands whilst on the palms of our hands there are 370cm². Combine this with a gloved hand and it explains why sweaty hands remains an age-old problem. Time for change? ATG® thought so too! INSPIRED TECHNOLOGY Inspired to find a solution, led ATG® to develop AD-APT®, the world’s first All Day Antiperspirant Technology, integrated into the iconic MaxiFlex®. The patented AIRtech® technology platform that provides 360° breathability works in partnership with the AD-APT® technology platform to keep your hand cool, dry and productive even in tough conditions. THREE INTELLIGENT STEPS 1. REGULATE FOR A COOLER GLOVE EXPERIENCE Microcapsules integrated into the glove liner are activated when the skin temperature rises, releasing a natural antiperspirant that regulates perspiration to keep hands dry and make them cooler.


2. VENTILATE FOR A FRESHER GLOVE EXPERIENCE The AIRtech® technology used in the construction of the MaxiFlex® coating has a network of structured tunnels guaranteeing optimal air quality and temperature within the glove. ​


3. CIRCULATE FOR A PRODUCTIVE GLOVE EXPERIENCE As your hands work they move forcing air out of the close fitting MaxiFlex® glove through the patented structured tunnels within the AIRtech® coating. This enables what ATG® call 360° breathability to evacuate moisture to guarantee optimal air quality and temperature within which is now further enhanced through the inclusion of ATG®’s new All Day Antiperspirant Technology, AD-APT®.


HOW IT WORKS? Microencapsulation is the process of surrounding or enveloping one substance within another substance on a very small scale, yielding capsules ranging from less than one micron to several hundred microns in size. Magnified many times the microcapsule used to transport the AD-APT® technology looks like a golf ball with every dimple on the ball being a heat sensitive membrane. As the hand warms up, these membranes within the dimples are triggered allowing active cooling agents (essential oils) used within the AD-APT® technology to be released on your hands. The active ingredients within our AD-APT® technology dissolve in the sweat or moisture on the hand surface. The dissolved substance forms a gel, which creates a small temporary ‘plug’ near the top of the sweat gland, significantly reducing the amount of sweat secreted to the skin surface of the hand. Whilst the AD-APT® technology cools the hand and reduces sweating it does not impact on the natural ability of the body to control its temperature i.e. thermoregulation. About Safety Mate: An Australian based company with worldwide partnerships with market-leading companies. Bishops is excited to be stocking this new and innovative product. Contact your local Bishops store for a quote.

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